We've recently been...

  • Investigating the appeal of eSports amongst European gamers
  • Evaluating experiential brand activity at a music and arts festival for a drinks brand using a multi-stage quant-qual approach, and applying our ‘value transfer framework' during analysis
  • Informing communications and future game development strategy for a hugely successful online card battle game in multiple territories
  • Conducting UX lab tests and focus groups on an exciting new console game
  • Exploring the petrol station experience and identifying areas for improvement and innovation
  • Optimising a games publisher’s media selection and strategy by providing detailed understanding how their different audiences engage with each media and content type
  • Exploring the P2P platform landscape and informing strategy
  • Evaluating and informing a luxury car manufacturer’s purchase and service experience by applying new analytical frameworks to existing data
  • Exploring the drivers and barriers to purchasing different types of online games content across Europe
  • Evaluating and developing a new ad campaign across 5 countries
  • Helping a group of publishers understand the future of games retail
  • Recommending strategies for YouTube success
  • Informing TV content strategy for a sports based network
  • Providing strategic and execution recommendations for a new games platform
  • Recommending ways to improve a financial app's user experience and informing its launch
  • Identifying and exploring innovation spaces for global computing hardware manufacturer
  • Running an online innovation community for a tech company
  • Providing a holistic view of social networking behavior by contrasting actual usage with self reported

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